Lucia and Florence

Lu, Flower and Lion

"We were certain that we wanted to enlarge the family but we didn't know where to start.

It took us a long time to understand what our options were, both from a legal and medical perspective.

We are excited to learn that other families can shorten those deadlines with this platform that clearly and easily helps bring more love to the world" –

Lu, Flor and León


"I collected semen multiple times over a twelve-month period, and those samples were tested for DNA and RNA for HIV, and those that were completely negative froze.

Finally, my wife was treated to perform an ICSI with negative HIV sperm samples, and two weeks after embryo transfer we learned that we were pregnant. We were so excited, but also worried about how the pregnancy will continue.

The pregnancy passed smoothly, my wife underwent routine tests, even in amniocentesis… Eight months later, we had a beautiful hiv-free baby.

Today, 20 years later, our family remains united and healthy and we are glad to know that from that first case, many couples with a condition similar to ours had their desired families around the world using treatment similar to ours and that being HIV positive is no longer grounds for rejection."

Ricardito, father of the family, USA.


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